A1 Skyraider
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A1 Skyraider

1 620,00 zł

Rozpiętość skrzydeł: 1800mm

Długość modelu: 1380mm
Powierzchnia skrzydeł: 56.6dm2

Waga do lotu: 5.5kg

Sterowanie RC: 6 kanałów & 9 serw
Zalecany napęd spalinowy: 120 4-takt (metanol)

Zestaw zawiera model+chowane podwozie pneumatyczne,

nie zawiera silnika i osprzętu RC

Cena zestawu zawiera koszt wysyłki na terenie Polski

Wersja: A

Zestaw typu ARF  półmakiety samolotu A1 Skyraider.

Model jest dostarczany w zestawie z chowanym pneumatycznym podwoziem.


Opis producenta:


Fiberglass fuse and balsa built-up wing. Wing Covering Material: Special Fabric Covered, painted, decals applied and clear coated. The aircraft has a beautiful flat, non-glossy finish. This is superior to glossy covering materials.

Rotating Retract with oleo struts, alloy wheels. The retracts are generation 5 Air up/air down retracts, and incorporate all of the latest design improvements. Drop tank package are optional available.

Designed in the mid 1930's, the B-25 Mitchell was the most important medium bomber in WWII. It saw service in the British, Canadian, Australian and US forces during WWII with distinction in all theatres of the war. It served long after the war and over 10 000 were manufactured, across 4 decades.

The A-1 Skyraider was initially developed during WWII to perform as a carrier based long-range torpedo/dive bomber. It missed the second world war by a few months, but quickly proved itself as a reliable performer, capable of carrying a tremendous amount of ordanance on seven hardpoints on each wing, while maintaining excellent low speed manueverability. It could loiter on target for much longer periods than faster aircraft and deliver its substantial load of ordanance with greater precision. These design characteristics resulted in it seeing substantial combat in Korea, and later in Vietnam, where it proved extremely beneficial. Although the USN and USMC were beginning to phase out the Skyraider in favour of the A-6 Intruder, it continued to see substantial service, with many being transferred to the USAF where they were used in a close support role, particularly with the Air Rescue and Recovery Service where they protected downed pilots until HH-3 Jolly Green Giants were able to extract them to safety. It also saved the lives of hundreds of servicemen who were facing imminent harm, thanks to its ability to deliver ordanance in close proximity to ground forces. At least two USAF pilots recieved the Congressional Medal of Honour for actions they undertook while flying the Skyraider. Skyraider Trivia The Skyraider probably holds the record for the most nicknames for an aircraft including: "Spad" (a bi-winged airplane flown in World War I), "Able Dog" (phonetic AD), the "Destroyer," "Hobo" (radio call sign of the USAF 1st Air Commando/Special operations Squadron), "Firefly" (602nd ACS/SOS), "Zorro" (22nd SOS), "The Big Gun," "Old Faithful," "Old Miscellaneous," "Fat Face" (AD-5/A-1E version, side-by-side seating), "Guppy" (AD-5W version), "Q-Bird" (AD-1Q/AD-5Q versions), "Flying Dumptruck" (A-1E), "Sandy" (Combat Search And Rescue helicopter escort) and "Crazy Water Buffalo" (South Vietnamese nickname). That has to be some kind of record!


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